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League of Legends Hacks

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LoL Hacks provides weekly updated free League of Legends Hacks. Our team works part time to keep this project fully working.

Currently working League of Legends Hacks include:

  • League of Legends Map Hacks
  • League of Legends RP Code Generator
  • League of Legends Drop Hacks
  • Referral Bot


All of our League of Legends hacks are checked and updated daily or every other day. Our team takes pride in providing the only working free League of Legends Hacks on the internet.  If you have any problems with our hacks, you can contact us. All of our revenue is generated through ads, we would be extremely thankful if you turned your adblock off.

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games right now. Currently, there are more than thirty three million active players. Playing this game is extremely hard without RP as you have to grind out many hours to unlock champions. Skins are exclusive to RP**, people who cannot afford RP cannot get any skins at all. With this being said, LoL hacks has a working RP Generator for all you folks who cannot buy RP. If you can, please purchase RP to support Riot Games as they are a FANTASTIC company.

**RP – Riot Points

Another fantastic hack at the moment is referral bot, Riot does not punish people who use referral bots. Referrals unlock rewards for League of Legends players. Using referral bot is completely undetected and safe. Fastest way to gain IP and RP rewards. If you’re uncertain about using hacks, use this one. It’s one hundred percent safe and undetected.

Other fantastic hacks include, map hack. Map hack reveals the entire map, makes games really easy. What this hack does is remove the fog of war. You’re able to see everything on the map.

Drop hack, make a game disappear when you’re losing. You’ll definitely want this tool in your arsenal. If you’re losing, you can just use drop hack and effectively “delete” the game.  This hack is currently very hot, Reddit has been on to it for a while, be sure to use this before it gets patched, which may be soon.

Lolhacks.org is a completely free project, feel free to donate to use if you feel that we’re helpful. Our hacks require a lot of time to maintain, which requires us to spend a lot of our weekends working on lolhacks.

See you on the Rift, summoners! – Lolhacks.org development team.