League of Legends Drop Hack [VIP Hack]

League of Legends Drop Hack is an exclusive to Lol Hack’s VIP hack, it will be released publicly for a short while, if this is abused it WILL be patched soon. Reddit is already all over it. This simple tool allows you disconnect everyone in the game, effectively rendering it non-existent. Despite being in the beta phase, it’s currently working extremely well, people on reddit have their eye on it, make sure to use it carefully. If you do not want to lose your account, don’t abuse it. Do not use it if you do not wish to be banned, this is currently safe but Riot may pick up on it at any time.


As you can see, it is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is input a name, choose a region, and press F1/F5. It is also possible to drop people in OTHER games. Just input their name and region, and drop them. Please refrain from doing this. We do not want the League of Legends Drop Hack tool to get patched by Riot.

Update Notes:

POLL – Did it work for you?
462 Votes for Yes --- 22 Votes for No

Drop your enemies down in a middle of a game.
This hack allows you to drop everyone in the game, the game will disappear as if it never happened.
You will not lose any LP/MMR or gain any XP/IP.
It’s very simple and user friendly.

1. Download and execute the program
2. Play a game.
3. When losing a game, input a name and select the region.
4. Press F1, the game will instantly disappear.


-Disconnect everyone in the game.
-100% Undetected and updated daily, read more below.

If this tool does end up getting patched, we will not be bringing it back. So use it carefully.

v1.1 - Minor bug fixes
-Smoothed out bugs with Windows XP
-Dropping a certain player now implemented

v1.0 – Beta release
-Official beta release